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I'm Hiatus until December. A lot of work to do. So, see you on DISEMBER!!! :iconsadplz:

So Fascinating! X3

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 6:19 AM
Totally love it!

Even though it's just a one day- premium membership. ;3

But I totally craze about it, Oh My God~ That's so good if I having this premium membership forever~ x3

He make alot of beautiful fanarts of BEELZEBUB~ Make sure y'all watch him!

Here is his fanarts! X3

Lucifer (Beelzebub) by lycoryss88   Mitch and Akinori by lycoryss88   Winter Spell by lycoryss88   Mammon by lycoryss88   Guardian by lycoryss88   The Beginning of the End by lycoryss88   Beelzebub - The weight of failure by lycoryss88   And Then There Were Two by lycoryss88…

Hope we will get it, INSYALALLAH... 

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  • Playing: o.O
  • Eating: Mi Tarik Chicken plus Shintake mushroom flavour
  • Drinking: Mineral water
I need HELP!!!!The Most Fearsome Zoo Animal  Did someone know how to auto-redraw in Sai or Photoshop? Please~ Help me out!!!!Bees! Computer monster 
Assalamualaikum! Hello everyone! I'm so happy plz XDDDD 

I just update my MALAY fanfiction in ! Here you are!!!!

I hope you can give my your SINCERE reviews in both fanfiction! ANY badass comments ALLOWED!!!!:badassplz: rewamp
 *I write it in Malay so... SORRY... Emotes - Kappa Cries 
Assalamualaikum and greeting... I got tagged by :iconfarahatiqah: !!! Sankyu!!!!
1. What does your DeviantArt name mean and why?
Okay, let me memorised back. The nickname of Qiaros is actually come from the time when I decided to change my Yahoo! email... Oh, I forgot to say my real name! XD My real name is Rafiqa Roslan @ Rafiqa. Roslan is my father's name... Okay lets get back to the topic. :p (Lick) That time, I was thinking how to change the name of email and pop! They're giving suggestion 'ikaros' to me. That moment, I thought that 'ikaros' is god of greek.(correct me if I'm wrong...) So, I nmed it as 'qiaros' means;                                                                                   
Queen in a roses                                                                                                                                
Lol! So much funny this name! XD                                                                                                                                                                                    
2. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined and what are you obsessed with nowadays?    Adventure Time's comic by :iconkatkat-tan: make me wanted to make dA accountShe's really great making it! :D (Big Grin) Now, I'm obsessed to Hetalia & Hetalia Asean. Russia icon --> I Heart him so much! Meow :3 He's cute in his own style~ Love I even make a fanart for him! Cute Emoticon Blushing  

3.  How many watchers do you have now?
131. (I never thought it'll overwhelmed like this! Thanks for watching me!)
4. Name 3 of your favorite artists on dA.
A lot!
Photograph: :iconking-co: :iconhsybbed: :icondrewhopper:
Illustration: :iconmestrealmeida: :iconxbuddyforme: :iconummuvonnadia:
Mangaka: :iconxanseviera: :iconzombiesmile: :iconsaurukent:

5. Do you comment, fave, or both?
Mostly fave. :) (Smile)

6. Do you participate in club's contests here on dA? 
Not yet.

7. What is your most popular submission? 
Most comments : 
Most favourited : 
Don't hurt her! by Qiaros(FTW! XD)
Most viewed deviation :
Don't hurt her! by Qiaros

8. What are your favorite non-anime TV show?
Merong Mahawangsa!

9. What are the things you wish you could draw better?
I wish I could draw SHOUNEN guys!!!! KAKKOI DESU!!!! >3<

10. Summer or Winter?

11. Rain or sun? 
Rain. Its make me remember to my late great grandmother because it's rain when she passed away. (Al-fatihah to Mariam binti Ujang) sad 

13. PC or Mac?

14. Anime or Manga? 
I prefer manga than anime.go 

15. Coke or Pepsi?
None of them.

16. Read or TV? 
Fifty- fifty. Lol....

17. How many hours a day do you spend on dA?

18. Name a hidden talent. 
Singing, maybe?

19. Flash or traditional cartoons?

20. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
KFC!Kentucky Fried Chicken 
21. What are your top 3 favorite books (no manga)?
All poetry books.
22. Name 5 of your favorite bands/singers. 
1. Yuna
2. Fynn Jamal
3.Jaclyn Victor
4.Anuar Zain
23. Are you a fast, slow or medium typist? 

24. Do you like Denny's?
Not existed in my place.
25. What is your favorite smiley?
:D (Big Grin) n XD
26. What is your favorite type of pie?
I never eat it.... Poor me... 

27. Have you ever stayed up for 24 hours? 
Em... Several times.

28. Do you go on YouTube a lot?

29. Youtube and Facebook?

30. Do you cosplay?

31. Fruits or sweets? 

32. Plain, buttered or salted popcorn?!
Salted popcorn, please!:popcorn:
33. Have you skipped school?
Only when I got sick.
34. Have you been on a plane? 
Nope.... Uwah!!!!! I want to try it!!!!!HP Quidditch Emoticon 

35. Have you swam in the ocean? 
Yes! At Port Dickson.

36. Have you been ice skating? 
I'm at equator line so... nope.

37. Favorite vacation spot? 

38. Ever been on TV?
Unfortunately, no...

39. Favorite salad and dressing?
I like salad with mayo on it. :cincoDeMayo: 
40. What do you do to relax?
Singing, drawing, writing a novel, read manga, watch anime, etc.

41. What is the last film you saw in the theater? 
I never to theather before...

42. Favorite sandwich?
Sandwich Sardine!

43. If you could go anywhere in the world... 
Makkah first. Then, travel AROUND THE WORLD!!!!

44. Favorite time of the day?

45. What did you want to be when you were little?

46. What do you want to be now? 
Em... maybe in Linguistic in Bahasa Melayu or Psychologist? 

47. If you could eat with one person, who would it be?
With my sister.

48. What person would you hate to be stuck in a room with?
Keep nagging on me like it's the end of the world.

49. When is your birthday? 
December 3. Sagittarius!Zodimotes - Sagittarius 
50. Favorite type of ice-cream?

51. Last book you read?
Free book of Tao Kei Noi!

52. Which store would you max out a credit card at?
I don't have any.

53. Do you buy / sell / both on eBay?
54. What is the most annoying thing people ask you? 
When people asked me to buy some foods. Do you think I'm your servant? No way, dude!

55. Favorite all time movie? 
57. What are you listening to right now?
Marukaite Chikyuu (Malaysia)…

58. What is the last thing you ate? 
Mamee Mi Tarik Perisa Tom Yam

59. If you were a crayon what color would you be? 
Dark Brown

60. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? 
Their eyes. Simply sexy!

61. Favorite sport to play?

62. Favorite Day of the Year?
Hari Raya!

63. Hugs or Kisses?
Hug Huggle!Man HugTight Hug:hug:5 seconds hug:hugSquish Hug 2 -  The Eye PokehugHug:hug:2 rvmpWant A Hug From Me ?:cheer up hug:Squeek Hug EmoticonHug emoticon:slipperyhug:Redbull glomp:iconfurryhuggleplz:Coco gets glomped by Momo
Free Shrugs! + PLZ
64. Vanilla or Chocolate?
Mix it! Taste better!

65. Favorite Board Game? 
Snakes and Ladder
66. Favorite smells? 
Foods smell

67. What inspires you? 
people surroundings!

68. Do you have any piercings? 
Yes, I was.

69. How many siblings do you have? 
4. I'm third child.

70. Bacon bits or Croutons? 

71. Favorite Day of the Week?
Wednesday. Because that's a day when I can go back home early.

72. Favorite phrase? 

73. Favorite restaurant? 

74. Favorite animal?
:bademoticon: cat planet cat planetCat FaceBlaze EmoticonCat blob:zikesfanclub:Pusheen Emote

75. Favorite thing to do outside? 
Walking on the streets.

76. Favorite thing to do when it's raining? 
"Angkat kain jemuran! Hujannya sudah turun!!!!" (It's raining! Hurry up hang out the dried clothes!!!!) XD

77. Favorite Disney character?
78. Do you like coffee?
I'm more to tea.
79. Tag 6 people
:iconartsycomplex:  :iconhikarigirl13: :iconmestrealmeida::iconfluffygummiebears:  :iconkimikun23: :iconjamescervantes: :D (Big Grin)

80. Say 'Good Bye'
Poka! Russia emote
  • Eating: Mamee
Assalamualaikum and greetings to all dA's member! 
Nano 5 - BSOD face OMG SHOCK.OHGAWDNO.  OMG ANOTHER SHOCK.:shocked: RVMP  :epic-shock: Shock Emote
OH MY GOD!!!! I COULDN"T BELIEVE IT!! :iconvymnis: want to give his bamboo tablet, which is what I really want in my life! I hope I can get the tablet 'cause, it's expensive to buy one.... ;(

Oh well, if you want to participate, here is the…

Good Luck 
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Bahasa Melayu:
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada warga dA sekalian! Sudah lama aku tidak melayari akaun deviantart ini dan apa yang dapat aku lihat, terlalu BANYAK perubahan yang berlaku di deviantart. Sangat mengejutkan bagiku kerana sistem deviantart sekarang ini semakin canggih dan.... MELETUP!!!! Apa-apa pun, saya ingin mengucapkan di sini, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Happy Eid -NaNoEmo 3-(Belum terlambat lagi, kan?) dan Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan ke-56 buat warga INDONESIA sekalian!!! (Aku warganegara Malaysia dan dilahirkan di Malaysia tetapi aku mempunyai saudara di Indonesia!!! (Padang, Sumatera Barat dan Jawa Barat!) Oki, saya pergi dulu~ Heart

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all dA's members! Its been a long time since I surfing my deviantART account and what can I see, a LOT of changes in deviantART. this is
very surprising to me because the system deviantART now are more sophisticated and .... SO MUCH OF HOT STUFF!!!! Anything, I would like to say here is, Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Happy Eid -NaNoEmo 3- (Not too late, right?) And Happy 56th Independence Day for all citizens of INDONESIA!!! (I am a Malaysian citizen and was born in Malaysia but I have relatives in Indonesia!!! (Padang, West Sumatra and West Java!) Oki, I go first ~: heart:
  • Listening to: my own song
  • Watching: mickey mouse (?)
Assalamualaikum to y'all....

Firstly I wanted to say, Happy Ramadhan! :iconyayplz: I've been hiatus for sooooooooooooooooooo long! Do you miss me? ;3 I miss you all too!

According to the title above, I'll say something about Beelzebub Manga....
:iconohmyglobplz: I can't believe it! Oga create a new move but..... 
AAAA - Halloween Emote
 What the hell!!!!! Himekawa done something that cut the link between Oga and Baby Beel! What's wrong with him???!?!? Dude, I' freaking angry right now! Do you agree with me, guys?

Okay, that's all for today. Thank you for listening to my blabbering.... 
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  • Reading: Beelzebub Manga Chapter 214
  • Watching: none
  • Playing: none
  • Eating: none
  • Drinking: none
Assalamualaikum and Hi! Oh My God!!!!!! :iconohmyglobplz: Gakuen Alice and... Natsume.... Natsume is come back and... and... he is so...... HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know about this thing from :iconmegwenvids: . Thanks a lots to her and WOW!!! I couldn't believe that It'll gonna be end on 6 June!!!!!! :iconohmyglobplz: The ending must be so sweet!!!!!!! :iconsweetplz: Here's the Gakuen Alice Chapter 178!!!!!…
Assalammualaikum and hi to all dA's member! :w00t!: Based on the title above, I'll be in LONG HIATUS because I'm now continue study at Form 6 (still in high school... =.= ) and I've been involved in speech match between the pre-universities(Form 6. Got a lot of practise! >.<) and in addition, I have to do a novel because I accepted :iconnanaomi123: 's challenge and I got a lot of idea right now! :iconideaplz: (BTW, the story will be in my language, Bahasa Melayu. If I've enough time, I'll translated it to English and it's still in progress. :iconwritingplz: The title is 'Lelaki' - 'Man') --> Lol, I'm a busyman. :XD:

So, all I can say is... bye... QwQ

But, I'll log in IF I've time! :D
Versi Bahasa Melayu:
Cinta itu bodoh, bukan?:-?
Tiada kaki, tangan dan mulut, ^^;
Tapi pandai-pandai pula mencari cinta di seluruh dunia, ;p
Tanpa mengenal siapa pun pasangan yang akan digandingkan bersama,
Tidak kiralah kulitnya hitam ataupun putih, :D
Itu membuktikan CINTA BUKAN PERKAUMAN! :p

Cinta itu pelik, bukan?Soupicide
Tiada tangan untuk menulis ayat-ayat cinta, Love letter
Tiada kaki untuk berjalan-jalan bersama yang tersayang, holding hands
Tiada mulut untuk bermadah cinta,i love you - plain and simple
Apa yang mereka ada hanyalah PERASAAN,
yang kadang-kala boleh buat pasangan merasa suka dan duka serta segala memori; pahit mahupun manis sepanjang musim percintaan,:wakeupkiss:
Kerana CINTA ADALAH LAHIR DARI HATI!Spread More Love Emote - PLZ

Cinta itu rumit, bukan?:baffled: 
Bergaduh, mengutuk pasangan masing-masing,Love Hurts
Tapi berbaik dan berkasih sayang semula selepas berdamai,:hug
Linangan air mata kegirangan terbit di mata si dara,Presents
diiringi dengan senyuman lembut daripada si teruna, +Emoticons+ Cuddling you
Itulah yang dinamakan CINTA ITU ADIL!:happydancer:
Kerana... Cinta itulah yang MEWUJUDKAN MANUSIA YANG SALING MENYAYANGI ANTARA SATU SAMA LAIN DAN SENTIASA BERSAMA :bestbuddies: walau apa jua bencana menimpa kita! :D
Lily Thank you

English Version:

Love is stupid, isn't?:-?
No legs, hands and mouth, ^^;
But they're spreading love to around the world, ;p
Just randomly match making couple,
even though they're black and white, :D
That's proofing LOVE IS NOT RACIST! :P

Love is weird, isn't?Soupicide
It's no hands to write a love letter,Love letter
No legs to go on date with beloved one,holding hands
No mouth to sweet talk about love,i love you - plain and simple
What they only have is FEELING,
When they can collected all the memories; either it's sweet or not for the entire of the Spring of Love.:wakeupkiss:
Because LOVE ARE BORN FROM HEART!Spread More Love Emote - PLZ

Love is complicated, isn't?:baffled:
Fighting, insulting each other,Love Hurts
But, they'll reconciled again and make love after the fight,:hug
Tears of happiness flowing from her eyes,Presents
following by a gentle smile from the boy,+Emoticons+ Cuddling you
That's what we call LOVE IS FAIR!:happydancer:

Because... Love can MAKES HUMAN LOVE TO EACH OTHER AND UNITED :bestbuddies: whenever problems come towards them! :D
Assalammualaikum and hi to all dA members! :iconhiplz: Today, new day to go back to school. This is cruel!!! I must go back to school?!!? Where's the university! Universities!!!!!! I wanna it badly and I just got school!!!! Oh My God!!!!

Icon Brook by nikitt11

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  • Playing: Kendo!
  • Eating: Soup noodle
  • Drinking: mineral water...
Assalamualaikum and hi to all dA! :w00t!:

According to the title above, I've to remember all of good icons I can used in dA because on the other day, when I wanna to comment  his, :iconkuraikitsune13: artwork and I've done a shameful icons! :iconworryplz: (I don't know that : iconteasingplz : is something vulgar! :iconohmygodplz: ) I'm sorry! :iconbowingplz:

So... What can I do right now is.... remember all the icons which can use it in dA!

Now, this is the lists of icon I got from  :iconyinyangsplit: : -->



If some dAs' member know other icons than this, please comment in this journal! :iconsadplz:

Okay, That's all for today. :iconbyeplz:

Addition: Can you guys tell me how to put stamp on profile in dA?

  • Listening to: Random Song( The singer is me.)
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Kendo!
  • Eating: Soup noodle
  • Drinking: mineral water...
Yeah!!!!!! I got tagged by, :iconabigailroseart: Thanks for tag me! I'm so...... :la: Oki~ I'll answered the question,

1. Favorite color? Be specific!!!
> Black. The most beautiful colour in the world! :iconohmyglobplz:

2. Favorite song?
>A lot!!!! But my favourite song is 'Rasa Sayang', the nursery rhythm in Malaysia. (I'm so childish! :iconblushingplz: )

3. Favorite memory?
>When I got to ride motorcycle for the first time! :iconlaughingplz:

4. Favorite food?
>Tomyam Yam Campur! :iconenjoyplz:

5. Have you ever been in a musical/ play? If so, what was it?!~
>choir, singing, recite poems and all that related with art! :iconmusicplz:

6. Do you like anime? :iconanimeplz:
>Of course-lah! Check my list of my favourite anime, at my profile. :iconclappingplz:

7. Do you like to write stories or poems?
>I don't like it but I really... :iconbigheartplz: it!!!! :love:

8. Favorite Holiday?
>So far.... Cameron Highlands!

9. Best gift you could ever get!!
> Namewee offered me to join his league! :iconjumpingplz:

10. What's your heritage?!
>Pure Malay! (I'm mixed with 100 percent Minang and Pure Malay + A little of Javanese...)

I've just finished answering the question, so it's time for me to tag people. Hehehe... :icondevilishplz:

From~ :iconabigailroseart:

1. You must post these rules!

2. Answer the questions that the tagger set up for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged them.

5. No tag backs!!~

6. No junk in the tagging section about " You are tagged if you're reading this. " You have to tag 10 people.

My question to person who I tagged,
1. What's your REAL name?
2. What is your favourite plushie? Mine is Usagi-chan~ :heart:
3. What do you do if you accidentally meet with your crush? Be specific. :love:
4. What do you prefer, 4 season country or just 2 season country?
5. What are you doing if you're desperately search for idea? What do you do~~~~
6. If you meet with Taylor Swift, what do you do?
7. Do you like Beelzebub? (If you're not, what's your favourite anime?)
8. Do you know what's Bahasa Melayu?
9. What happen if you're with someone you hate, just the 2 of you in locked room....
10. Do you like this question?

I Tag You! :iconbigloveplz:
:icontherebornace: :iconlight26: :iconc0k3l4t: :iconthatnekohacker: :iconfrayner69: :iconcandrarose: :iconamen-no-suomynona: :iconcosmomaker: :iconspongepersa: & :icongeilozer:

Good Luck! :icongoodluckplz:
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  • Watching: Sun?
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  • Drinking: mineral water...
Assalammualaikum and Hi to all dA members! Okay, I'll straight to the point, do you all read my fiction, "Delinquent Girl and Glasses Boy" yet? If you not, PLEASE read it and give me comments! Any kinds of comments. Even the badass comment are allowed! (Because I want to fix it if there is problems in my story :D ) If you want to comment in other language than English Language, I'm fine (And I'll answered it back in that language!). As long as you support my story! Here, this is my link for the story,

Chapter 1 :…

Chapter 2 :…

I repeat, even BADASS comment are allowed! (Because I want to improve my skill of writing! I'm sucks in grammar! :XD: )

I forgot to say. Delinquent Girl and Glasses Boy are really different than Yankee kun to Megane chan, okay! The storyline is too much different!

So.... That's all for today, thank you... :-)
  • Listening to: 150 Juta - Fynn Jamal
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Stars
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Fried Chicken Rice (Nasi Ayam)
  • Drinking: Ice Lychee
Assalamualaikum (To all Muslims) and Hi! ( To all dA), Did you guys use paint tools SAI? If that's so, I need HELP! I need help for colouring! I don't know how and when search it in dA, I don't understand after at middle way of steps! Can you guys help me, please.....? (I'm really desperate right now!!!)
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Sardines....
  • Drinking: Ice Horlicks...

Who Am I?

Tue Mar 26, 2013, 9:35 AM

I take a permissions from :iconamen-no-suomynona:  to get this question! Thanks, :iconamen-no-suomynona: ! Okay, I'll start now!



[] I cry a lot. (In my heart…  ;-)  )

[/] I go to local shows.

[ ] I wear black everyday. (Mostly...not everyday.)

[/] I write sad poetry.

[] I play an acoustic guitar.

[/] My favorite bands include: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, or Panic! at the Disco.

[/] I think about suicide or death often.

[/] People have told me to cheer up.

[/] I cry when I see dead animals.

[ ] My facebook pics are black or white or angled.

[ ] I wear many band shirts.

[/] No one understands me.

[ ] I don't talk too often.

[/] I look down when I walk.

[ ] I wear black eyeliner.

[ ] I have an ex I still cry over.

[/] My hair is black.

[ ] My hair covers one of my eyes.

[ ] I always say 'life sucks'.


Total: 9



[] I have straight A's.

[/] I wear glasses.

[/] I always do my homework and study.

[] Lord of the Rings was a massive achievement.

[/] Computer games.

[/] I'm 'teachers pet'.

[/] I've never had a real boyfriend/girlfriend.

[ ] I have a bedtime.  (Psshuh! I sleep one minute late or until my parents come in and check on me. Whichever comes first.)

[ ] I use an asthma inhaler. (Well, it was only for something asthma related, but I never got it though.)

[ ] I carry a calculator with me.

[] I bring my lunch to school.

[/] I always follow the rules.

[] I'm shy around the opposite sex.

[/] I'm always on the computer.

[/] I've never had beer or cigarettes.

[ ] I always answer every question in class right.

[] I correct people's grammar. (People correct my grammar often. :XD: )

[/] I read a lot.

[/] School is very important to me.

[] I always stump people.


Total: 10



[/] I always speak my mind.

[ ] I have 0% of school spirit.

[/] Screw you, I won't do what you tell me!

[/] I stand up for what I think is right.

[ ] On spirit days at school, I wear the rival's colors.

[ ] Whenever people are doing something, I do the complete opposite.

[ ] I won't listen to authority figures.

[ ] I always break the rules.

[ ] I refuse to compromise.

[/] I'm always arguing with people.

[/] I love debate.

[/] I always do what's unexpected of me.

[] I don't give a crap what people think of me.

[/] If I watch a cruddy movie in theaters, right after it's over, I'll say 'that sucked'.

[/] I'm not afraid to contradict others.

[ ] I only respect my own beliefs.

[ ] If I don't want to do something, I won't do it, no matter what.

[ ] I laugh at compromising people.

[/] I cheer on the rival's sport team to stand out. (Just love doing this! :XD: )

[/] Rules were meant to be broken.


Total: 10



[ ] I'm on one or more sport teams.

[ ] I always wear my varsity jacket.

[] I've won awards for my athletic ability.

[ ] I will only date popular girls/guys.

[ ] School Spirit 100%.

[ ] I'm going to a college for sports.

[ ] I watch sports on TV all the time. (I only watching football games!)

[ ] I'm muscular.

[ ] I play sports or exercise at least 3 hours a day.

[/] Go Team!

[] I'm a chick/dude magnet.

[/] I eat a lot.

 [/] I'm egotistical.

[ ] I'm too focused on sports to make really good grades.

[ ] I sit at the jock lunch table.

[ ] All I talk about with my friends is sports.

[ ] I go to lots of sports games.

[] I'm very athletic (Though i didn't join a sport this year...

[ ] I wear sport inspired clothing.

[ ] I play at least 3 different sports.


Total: 3



[/] I'm funny.

[/] I'm always making jokes.

[/] I interrupt class by making people laugh.

[/] I like to entertain people.

[ ] I worship Kevin Smith.

[/] I watch comedies more than anything.

[ ] I also watch SNL and Mad TV a lot.

[/] I'm sarcastic.

[/] I've been told I'm hilarious.

[/] I always imitate people.

[ ] I pull lots of pranks.

[ ] I always make sarcastic remarks after everything.

[/] I have to prove myself by being funny.

[ ] People expect me to make jokes, always.

[/] I have a lot of pressure to make everyone laugh.

[] If I don't make jokes, people ask me what's wrong.

[ ] Jim Carrey is my idol

[] I mostly get along with everybody.

[/] At pep rallies, I'm the one acting crazy and silly.

[/] My teachers or parents tell me I need to focus more on work and less on joking around.


Total: 12



[ ] I don't have a lot of friends.

[ ] I don't talk too much.

[/] It's not that I'm snobby, I just get nervous when talking to people.

[ ] When people say my name, others say 'who?'

[/] I'm pretty sure mostly no one knows who I am.

[] People have told me I need to talk more.

[/] I only talk when other people talk to me first.

[/] I avoid social gatherings, such as games, dances, or parties.

[ ] People have tried to help me be more outgoing, but it never works.

[/] I always plan to talk to more people, but I never do.

[/] I sit in the back of the classroom.

[ ] I never participate in class discussions.

[] I hide behind people to avoid being seen sometimes. (People hid behind me! :XD: )

[] I could never be a cashier, talking to strangers. (I'm very talkative when I'm surrounded by strangers! :XD: )

[/] I talk quietly, and people say "What?"

[/] People have called me shy or quiet.

[] I usually let others decide for me.

[] If someone is talking about my favorite book or movie in front of me, I don't join in the conversation. (Of course I'll join in! :D)

[/] I would like to be more outgoing.


Total: 9




[/] I wear black. ( :heart: it! :love:  )

[] I don't like to be seen.

[] I'm very, very pale.

[] I only listen to metal or emo-ish music. (I :heart: all genre of music! :D )

[/] I love creepy, weird movies.

[/] I love gothic cartoons and drawings. (they are so cool! )

[] I don't like people.

[] I only go out during the night.

[ ] I have black fingernails

[ ] I wear a long black coat.

[ ] I also wear big black boots.

[/] 'The Crow' is one of my favorite movies. (I :love it! :D )

[ ] I only date other Goths.

[ ] I love black humor.

[ ] I love pain. (Like hell I'll be a MASOCHIST!)

[] People think I'm crazy.

[ ] I don't talk to anyone who isn't as deep as me.

[] I love to scare people.

[ ] I laugh at teenyboppers.

[] People are scared of me.


Total: 4



[/] I talk to myself.

[/] I say really random things all the time.

[/] I fidget a lot.

[ ] I still use a wheeled backpack.

[/] People laugh at me.

[] I walk really funny.

[/] I have a very different sense of style. (It’s real! When I was 15th, I wore my Hijab different than others and they say that’s too shameful but after 3 years, it’s become fashion trends and everyone love to do that! Ergh! )

[ ] I talk in a robot voice often.

[/] I'll stop whatever I'm doing, and break out in a crazy dance if the mood strikes.

[/] I debate stuff with myself.

[/] I hear voices.

[ ] I'm obsessed with aliens and the other planets.

[] I have a fascination with robots and machinery. (My bro did that...)

[/] I use really big words no one understands, and they give me weird looks.

[/] I say random lines of babbling that make sense to no one but me.

[] I dart my eyes from side to side.

[] I always pretend I'm a robot or other weird non human thing.

[/] People have no idea why I think the way I do.

[/] I have some very unusual, extraordinary talents.

[] When people ask me if I like something that's trendy, I pretend to be scared or confused. (When its come to this situation, I just said, "What? Really? Am I like that? :3 “


Total: 12



[] I hate most people. (Have yet to find that person.)

[] I prefer to be alone.

[ ] When people talk to me, I just give them a death glare.

[ ] Actually, most people don't talk to me.

[ ] People are freaking idiots and I wish they'd all die.

[] I live in my room, writing in my diary. (I don’t like to do that…)

[ ] I go out my way to avoid everyone.

[ ] I never greet anyone.

[ ] I despise people who talk too loudly. (I’ll join them! :XD: )

[] I want people to think I'm a freak.

[ ] I never talk.

[/] I can't wait to get off this earth. (To be with God, yes.)

[ ] I always sit by myself at lunch or anywhere else.

[/] I listen to music on full blast on my ipod/mp3 player/headphones to block out the world. (Of course! I :heart: music very much! :D )

[/] I don't know why I am the way I am.

[ ] People have said I'm antisocial.

[ ] I use drugs or alcohol to escape the loneliness. (I don’t want to get hurt…)

[ ] Why bother when people don't like you anyways?

[/] I occupy myself so it won't look like I'm a loner.

[ ] I just don't get along with anyone.


Total: 4



[ ] I skateboard everywhere.

[ ] If I'm not skateboarding, I carry it with me.

[ ] I shop at Pacsun.

[ ] I'm obsessed with Tony Hawk.

[ ] Oh yeah, and Bam Margera.

[ ] I always play skateboarding video games.

[ ] I have shaggy hair.

[ ] I wear baggy pants.

[ ] I wear only skater shoes.

[] I always wear hoodies.

[ ] I hang at skate parks 24/7.

[ ] I'm always learning new board tricks.

[ ] Forget school, I want to be a professional skateboarder.

[ ] I've been skateboarding for over 4 years.

[ ] I hang with other skaters.

[/] I've been hurt while skateboarding. [ ] I've been in a skateboarding competition.

[] I wear vans.

[ ] Tony Hawks games own.

[ ] I've met some of my closest friends at skate parks.


Total: 1


Religious Girl/Boy: (I’m Muslim!)

[] I go to church/ mosque at least once a week. (once a month.)

[ ] Most of my wardrobe consists of long skirts and button down shirts for church.

[] I always carry a bible with me.

[/] My whole family is very religious.

[/] I've never been on a date. (Wait till 18th! :XD: .)

[/] I've never smoked or had a beer. (Sorry! I’m Muslim! )

[ /] My beliefs are very strong.

[/] I'm waiting for marriage until sex.

[ ] I wear a cross necklace.

[ ] I have a bracelet that says WWJD.

[ ] I'm always preaching to people about the importance of religion.

[/] I believe in God.

[ ] I'm not allowed to watch rated R movies, and sometimes, not even PG-13 movies.

[/] I never go out and party. (... Course not, escpecially the stereotypical ones....)

[ ] I read the bible everyday. (one page for one week…)

[ /] I've memorized excerpts from the Al- Quran. (Still do. And still remember mostly.)

[/ ] I pray every night. ( In solat Maghrib and Isyak. And before sleep…)

[/] I sing Nasyid/Muslims songs.

[ ] I'm an atheist (Please don’t involve me in this kind of thing, Ya Allah…) )


Total: 10



[/] I say 'yo'

[] I also say 'fo shizzle'.

[/ ] I wear extremely baggy pants.

[/ ] Mah chainz hang low.

[ ] I hang with my homies, bi***es, and H**'s

[ ] I'm a thug.

[ ] I only listen to rap music.

[/ ] 50 Cent is my idol.

[ ] I don't give a **** about school.

[/] I steal/have stolen before. (when I was little…)

[/ ] I freestyle.

[ ] I breakdance.

[ ] Gold chainz is tha way to go, biotch.

[/ ] I'm white but I act black

[ ] All my heroes are dead rappers.

[ ] Tupac is still alive.

[ ] I party with all my ****.

[/ ] I wear a sideways baseball cap.

[/ ] I wear hoodies.

[/ ] I wear converse with the tongue flipped out.


Total: 10



[ ] I always steal people's lunch money.

[ ] Geeks are afraid of me.

[ ] I get in trouble all the time.

[ ] I steal people's stuff to be a meanie 

[ ] People have called me a bully.

[ ] I have beat someone up before.

[ ] I'm always looking for a fight.

[ ] I pick on people smaller than me.

[ ] I push people out of the way when I'm walking.

[/] I've never been in a relationship before.

[/] People are afraid of me.

[/ ] People know not to mess with me. (Or at least stop messing with me when needed to.)

[ ] I'm bigger than most people my age.

[ ] I pick on people for the fun of it.

[ ] I make fun of everything anyone else likes.

[ ] If anyone crosses my path, they're dead.

[ ] People know not to try and stick up for themselves when I'm around.

[] I'm one of the strongest kids in school.

[ ] Even some authority figures are afraid of me.

[/] People get out of my way when I'm walking. (Don’t know why…)


Total: 4



[] I own at least 2 different video game consoles. (only one…)

[ ] I love Final Fantasy.

[] DDR & Guitar Hero. 

[ ] I've missed school before because I was trying to beat a video game.

[/ ] I'm always trying to beat high scores on games.

[/] I even play a lot of computer games.

[ ] I play at least 3 hours of video games a day.

[ ] My thumbs are sore often.

[ ] I spend all my money on new video games.

[ ] My boyfriend/girlfriend has to be into video games.

[ ] All I talk about is video games.

[ ] I've been in a video game competition before

[ ] I pay over 30$ a month in online games.

[ ] I have bought more than 5 accessories for my console

[] I know about more than 10 cheats and mods in the game I play most

[/ ] I have played at least a complete week in the game I like most.

[] I wouldn't know what to do in an afternoon without electricity.L

[/ ] My parents often tell the internet is broken or simply disconnect it so I don't spend whole weekends and holidays playing.

[] I've actually read a book about videogames.

[ ] I have more than one online account on the same game.


Total: 4



[/ ] I have long hair.

[ ] I wear make up everyday. (Yucks! :p)

[/] I carry a purse. (My penguin purse!)

[] I have to get someone else to come kill a spider or any bug. (Let them be. I don’t want them get hurt. I :heart: animals and insects and I’m not scared of them…)

[ ] I use perfume

[/] I keep my nails clean/shaped (Of couse! :D )

[/] I shower regularly.

[] I used to or still do Dance, Gymnastics, or Cheer/Pom

[ ] I like to accessorize 

[ /] I like flowers

[/] I don't like to be outdoors.

[/] I'm more like my mother than my father.

[] I like hanging out with girls more than boys. (I :heart: to hang out with boys… They have a lot of conversations! :D )

[ ] I like going to the mall.

[/] I watch my weight. I can't gain a thing!

[ /] I plan outfits ahead of time

[ /] People say I have a soft/sweet voice

[ ] I dream about and am already planning my wedding day (I’m still young! There’s no time to think about that! )

[/] I watch dramatic shows on TV, soap operas, reality TV, etc


Total: 11



[] I have short hair.

[] I hate doing laundry. (That’s my job! )

[/ ] I like war type video games.

[] I like playing or watching sports.

[] People say I have a deep voice.

[ ] I'm more like my Dad than my mom.

[/] I beat up or tease my younger siblings or friends. ( Play with my older bros! :XD: )

[/] I act tough, it doesn't matter what's going on inside me.

[ ] There's only two emotions (HYPER AND WEIRD.)

[/] I shower only when I start to notice I stink. (Or feel hot.)

[] I think about the opposite sex a lot.

[/] My room isn't neat. (my cupboard is in mess! :XD: )

[ ] I bite my nails instead of using scissors/clippers.

[ ] My clothes don't match sometimes, but I don't notice or care (I always matching it!)

[/] I like to play rough with dogs. ( Isn’t they cute~ .//0//.)

[ ] I like the movies 300, Transformers Avengers, The Dark Knight

[ ] The best way to get the opposite sex to like you is to act like a jerk

[ ] I don't read

[/] I don't even ask for help if needed. (until I fed up for what I’ve done… -_-“ )


Total: 7


Wow! I'm qualified as Comedian! :XD: So, what do you think?

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